The issue of change of Consul General Ayesha Ali gained momentum on the division of the community

the affairs of the newly appointed diplomat Ayesha Ali are different from those of her predecessors in every way


NEW YORK (Zulfiqar Mirza) In the past, every visiting diplomat at the New York Embassy has put community issues first and tried his best to keep the community united through his routines, as a result of which the community has always remained united.

But the affairs of the newly appointed diplomat Ayesha Ali are different from those of her predecessors in every way. Due to her senseless actions, not only was the community divided into different factions, but the media representing Pakistan abroad was also fragmented.
She is the first ambassador who does not look good to the community as well as the country of Pakistan. This can be gauged from the press conference of Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who was on a visit to the United States, which failed miserably, where community leaders, political and social activists and most of the media were not present.
According to tradition, every section of the community and the media are invited to the press conference of the ministers representing the country at any level, but it is not known what the agenda of this lone ambassador is. Under what agenda are they bent on dividing and destroying the country and the nation?. In view of the recent alarming situation, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s address to the community was considered very important, but Consul General Ayesha Ali, acting with malice, was content to invite only her favorite personalities and Darbari media. She also ignored the workers of Pakistani and Kashmiri communities. This act of her is completely against the tradition which not only causes great grief and anger in the community but also the representatives of the media.
Due to these moves of Ayesha Ali, the popularity of the government of the day is declining day by day in other states including New York. If things continue like this, one day there will be no one to name the PTI in the United States. At the global level, Pakistan is in grave danger. Pakistan is a victim of global conspiracies. Undesirable forces are bent on lobbying against it, but unknowingly our incompetent diplomats will come to their senses. When will they take the nails of consciousness?, when will they be free from the clutches of these flattering darbari media. Patriots and sympathizers in the United States, especially in the New York community, have called for the immediate replacement of these incompetent, incompetent and flattering diplomats in order to project a better image of Pakistan on the world stage and counter conspiracies against it. Let the community and the media, which has always been at the forefront of maintaining Pakistan’s dignity, be protected from further division.

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