Shabbir Gul, a so-called “ICNA” employee, threatens to slaughter New York City journalists

Sarwar Chaudhry supporting and financing these people, he said


NEW YORK: (Subrang News) At an “Eid Milan Party” in New York, Shabbir Gul, a Bronx resident who calls himself a worker for “ICNA”, the largest Muslim welfare organization in the United States, called Zafar Iqbal New Yorker, head of the “Subrang TV” , Farooq Mirza, Syed Shahbaz and Muhammad Hussain, who are also associated with the media, have said that these people are spreading chaos in the community, waving people’s turbans, I want to slaughter such people, if I get chance.

In this “Eid Milan Party” held at Tahir Mian’s residence, Shabbir Gul, calling himself a special activist of “ICNA”, claimed that he personally provided food to 2.4 million people in the Bronx area alone. According to ICNA’s own website, “ICNA” has distributed food to 1.4 million people across the United States.

Shabbir Gul also accused well-known columnist Sarwar Chaudhry of supporting and financing these people.

According to Zafar Iqbal, the video was made live by Aun Murtaza Naqvi on Facebook, which was later deleted by Shabbir Gul while considering his words. “We have saved the video and intend to take legal action against Shabbir Gul based on the video.

Zafar Iqbal further said that in a country like USA, a person like Shabbir Gul who describes himself as affiliated with a big welfare organization like “ICNA”, how can he use such words which fall under the category of “hate crime”. On the other hand, when Zafar Iqbal was contacted in the office of “ICNA” in Jamaica New York, the special representative of “ICNA” “Naveed Baqi” said that Shabbir Gul is not an employee of “ICNA”. Zafar Iqbal asked him how he could use the “vehicle” of the company if he is not an employee of “ICNA”. Doesn’t this move leave a question mark on such a large welfare organization?. The “ICNA” representatives should not be asked how they have the right to voluntarily waste the resources they receive from donations from the community and others?. Our religion and the law of the welfare state should not be allowed.

According to Zafar Iqbal, “Naveed Baqi” did not answer the question about Moaviz Siddiqui in which he was asked that Moaviz Siddiqui works for a Pakistani Television and also gets salary from “ICNA”.

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